Undergraduate studies in Graphic Communications at the University of Houston offer students the opportunity to expand their range of knowledge through a diverse curriculum led by internationally renown faculty members, all of whom share distinguished areas of expertise.

Research and concept development are integral to the curriculum as it investigates current culture and society through design history and theory; method and practice as well as emergent technology and communication, all within a graphic design context. Faculty work one-on-one with students as they direct them to achieve their full creative potential.

Throughout their course of studies, students will be taught the methodologies and techniques necessary to assemble a diverse portfolio that includes:

  • print based graphics;
  • book and poster design;
  • web, sound, and motion graphics;
  • and identity systems.
These methodologies and techniques will provide them with the necessary tools, arming them to become top competitors in the national design job market.

Students will also be offered the opportunity to engage with leaders in the design community through lecture series, social gatherings and interdisciplinary project collaboration. The program is well supported by an outstanding alumni organization whose goal is to provide additional educational and scholarship opportunities to program students.

Recent Junior Work

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Recent Senior Work

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