Graduate studies in Graphic Communications at the University of Houston promote

  • socially responsible design practices;
  • project-based learning incorporating formal evaluations and critical theory;
  • analysis of pivotal points in design history;
  • investigations converging graphic design in a cultural context;
  • methodologies involving current technology;
  • thesis proposals based on divergent advanced research and design investigations;
  • joining forces with accomplished faculty and design experts.

Students study with a faculty comprised of proficient professionals with strong interests in sustainable design, design for culture, sound and motion in the setting of visual communication, typography and type design, as well as writing about design.

Graduate students can expect additional support from a strong Graphic Communications undergraduate program. The MFA program unites students from a variety of backgrounds and geographic locations. The group's multiplicity is a vital component to the program, as each graduate informs and extends areas of knowledge and interest. The University of Houston, an aspiring top-tier research university, encompasses a large number of programs and faculty with distinguished areas of expertise. Graduate students within the School of Art are encouraged to extend their conceptual base beyond their program of choice, and investigate interdisciplinary avenues. Students and advisors work together to push the boundaries of theory and practice.

The fourth largest city of the nation, Houston boasts world-class museums and a thriving art community. Houston's population of working artists ranks among the top cities in the country. Art galleries and art spaces are distinguished both by the quality of their exhibitions and the diversity of their staples. Several non-profit art and design organizations, such as the Houston Arts Alliance, the Rice Design Alliance or the local chapter of AIGA, the professional association for design, help to promote and enrich Houston's design and art culture. Initiatives and programs of these organizations promote Houston's dedication to the advancement of a national recognized cultural center.

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